Welcome to Minden Oy

In 2012, a consulting company called Minden Oy was born to deal with the many challenges that manufacturing industry is facing today. We carry out various operational management projects on interim basis as well as shorter-term consulting assignments. Our expertise is based on extensive practical experience in domestic and international companies.

Interim management

Either as planned or unexpectedly a company may face a situation where significant changes have to be made in the very short term. Managing such an exceptional situation can be a challenge that company is not capable or willing to manage by existing resources. In such case, a good option is to acquire an experienced and independent third-party interim manager. Typical situations can be:

  • company has run into financial challenges and needs a clear change of direction.
  • company has decided to move operations between its locations or even close some production unit.
  • company is implementing a major investment or change project.
  • CEO or some other key person has resigned. In order to ensure successful recruitment, the company would like to reserve enough time for finding a successor.


More traditional strategic and operational consulting is needed to carry out various short-term projects. The organization does not have the appropriate resource for the task, or the company is willing to ensure the smooth implementation of the project with the help of external expertise. Such assignments might be:

  • strategy development and implementation where strategic goals and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and measurement methods will be defined. Detailed targets are then set for the key figures and an appropriate tool is developed for monitoring, e.g. BSC (Balanced Scorecard).
  • streamlining the processes related to production, procurement or supply chain management.
  • developing initiative, salary or reward systems to support strategic goals.
  • building and implementing of quality, environment or other management system.
  • ERP Project.